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KLRU Senior Project

Me and some of my classmates being interviewed by KLRU for the "Day in The Life of a Senior." They were wondering several things about seniors we answered.  where we talk about the good and the bad, the advices and life lessons we learned in high school.

Third Eye Blind Perspective Video

Me and 3 other students were chosen to work withThe Lennon Bus to make a short film along with Third Eye Blinds Stephan Jenkins. We wanted to showcase the video about how music and film was so similar to each other, its perspective.

Coach Summerfield Heart of Gold

Coach Summerfield was Lanier High schools wrestling coach for a year, yet he left a huge impact in the lives of all of the wrestlers, including me. He taught me no matter where you stand in life, you can be whatever you want to be. No circumstance in life is too hard to overcome, just never stop fighting. I decided  I wanted to dedicate a good bye to him.

Lanier High School's Champion: Emily Hersh

Everyone knows that a librarian is needed for a school, but for the high school I was at, she was much more than a librarian, she is the kindest person you would ever meet. She gives students joy, she actually communicates with student in different ways teachers do, so this is a video my classmates and I filmed about her, shown as a student film in the Alamo Drafthouse Theatre.

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Dont Be A Nightmare Commercial

Alamo Drafthouse has a competition where young filmmakers  pitch an idea for a dont speak commercial that will be shown in the Alamo Drafthouse theatres. I didn't apply for it (should have..) but a classmate did and filmmed it, I edited this for them and this is the outcome, This is a work of 3 Lanier filmmakers working on it, and several other schools in AISD. I edited it,  Consulate, a friend, scripted it, and other students and Ms.Bordeaux helped with the outcome.

Spectrum News Interview

Spectrum News wanted to interview me and some people from the John Lennon bus about the experiences we are given, among other things.

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BNN/CTV News Broadcasting

I worked on BNN, Now known as CTV, for the Hastings college media, It is a college and city wide news station where we speak about current issues. I have been a news anchor, worked the tricaster, Audio, the Cameras, written some scripts, and a couple several things. It has been a great college experience for the past year. We also broadcasted Sports events such as Football, Soccer, Basketball, etc...